Unfortunately, the cliché is true, and many people will judge your home by its cover. So, the first impression is vital to getting a quick sale. Any person looking to purchase a new home in Saskatoon (especially when looking online) will decide whether or not they want to view a house based on the pictures in the listing.

Thus, your first step is to have good photos taken of your entire home. Once people have decided to view your home, the first thing they will see is the front yard and exterior of the home. While there are some people who don’t care very much about the exterior, it will impact the buyer’s overall perception of your Saskatoon home.

In preparation for listing, the best way to notice the parts of your house that may need cleaning or repairing is to look at your home as if you’re a buyer. Alternatively, get a friend to come take a look at your home and tell you what they notice – sometimes, fresh eyes see things you might’ve missed. One area that buyers look at is the roof, so, make sure that your shingles are in good repair and that none are missing.

Another way to up curb appeal quickly is to hose everything down with a pressure washer. A clean driveway/walkway and clean siding will improve the appearance of your home without breaking the budget. A final tip for your Saskatoon home is to make sure the window coverings are open every time you have a showing, as this lets in natural lighting and creates a sense of openness throughout the home.

These are just a few quick ways to increase your curb appeal and help you sell quickly. Looking to sell your Saskatoon home? Call us to get started.