Staging is an art form. It can take any space and show it in the best light. Here are a few tips on staging your Saskatoon home that we’ve found very helpful, especially if you plan on DIY-ing it:

  • Clear up clutter – Make sure you clean up the excess clutter around the house. Recycle or donate things you don’t need and organize the things that must stay. An organized home helps the buyer feel more comfortable in the space.
  • Update the essentials – When a buyer walks into your home, the place needs to feel fresh and new. A fresh coat of paint can help liven up the space. The cupboard doors or carpet may also be worth updating. Studies show that if a buyer feels they need to replace significant items they might reduce their offer, which may be more than the cost of replacing those items yourself.
  • Highlight the possibilities – Showing the buyers all the possibilities of a specific area of the house will pique their interest. You want to show the intended purpose of each room but also hint at all the potential a space has to offer a buyer.
  • Don’t sell empty – It may be easier to vacate the premises and leave the home empty, but it can actually make the home feel smaller. Some people have trouble visualizing how furniture would fit into a room. If you show them an example of a room’s layout, it allows them to see the opportunities within that space.

For more tips on making your house sellable, check out our blog on curb appeal, and then come talk to us at North Ridge Realty, we would love to help you sell your Saskatoon home.