If you missed our blog post with the first three points, check them out! Because moving is such a big life transition, we felt that our tips couldn’t be contained into a single post so here are three more tips to make your moving day/week a breeze.

  1. Put ‘em Together – The easiest way locate things post-move is if you keep similar items together. Instead of having three books in the living room boxes and twelve in your bedroom box, make a book box and put them together. Unpacking will be much simpler when things are organized.
  2. Overestimate your box needs – We tend to think that we don’t have “that much” stuff in our homes, that is until we need to pack everything for a move. Don’t get caught in the days leading up to your move scrounging around the local supermarkets for spare boxes or cramming everything imaginable into the already overstuffed boxes.
  3. Clean out the Fridge – Try to make your last grocery trip two weeks before the move, this will force you to use up as much of your food as possible making moving a bit lighter and who knows you may find something you forgot you had in the freezer (like extra cookie dough). This is especially prevalent if you are moving a long distance as some food will not survive a longer journey (and throwing out food would be a waste of money).

We hope you’re feeling a bit more prepared for your next move. If you’re thinking of moving, and haven’t purchased anything yet, check out some of our North Ridge Homes for Sale.