Deciding to renovate your Saskatoon home is a huge decision with a lot of factors involved. If you’re thinking about renovating your home, our first suggestion would be to talk to the experts at North Ridge Renovations to get your free estimate. Our second suggestion would be to read these tips and prepare yourself to renovate your home:

  1. SET A BUDGET – The first, and most important, step in renovating any part of your house is the budget. Deciding your spending limit will help keep your expectations in check and sticking to your budget will make the financial strain of renovating manageable. When you have a budget grounding your perspective, it will hopefully keep you from overspending.
  2. GET ADVICE – Before you start busting down walls or tearing up carpet, take some time to get advice from contractors, renovation experts, and/or friends who have recently renovated. Take advantage of free estimates from renovation companies and collect a variety of opinions on cost, time, and overall stress.
  3. TRUST YOUR GUT – Once you’ve made a decision, stick to it. Second guessing yourself can increase the cost of renovating by holding up the progress, paying for the new materials, and potentially the de-installation of the original choice (This isn’t HGTV with unlimited resources). If you’re an indecisive person, ask someone you trust to give their opinion – either you will agree with them, or you’ll disagree. Either way, you’ll gain a clearer perspective.

Whether you’ve just started contemplating renovations or if you’ve been planning for a while, we hope these tips will help you enter the renovation season with confidence and certainty to create the Saskatoon home you’ve always dreamed of. Looking for a change beyond renovations? Let’s chat.