As Saskatoon continues to grow and spread, new neighbourhoods are cropping up throughout the city. One of these new neighbourhoods is Brighton, located just South of Highway 5 (which turns into College Drive) on the east end of Saskatoon. This neighbourhood focuses on being an all-inclusive community with exciting activities such as a spray park, toboggan hill, and an open air amphitheatre, Brighton is redefining what community looks like.

With an emphasis on commuter and pedestrian friendly streets, and widespread access to transit, Brighton will be a people-oriented community built to last. At North Ridge Realty, we are excited to partner with North Ridge Developments to be a part of the ongoing development of this exciting new community.

North Ridge is excited to be invested in the new kind of development project that is focused on the people who will live there – designed with care and attention. If you’re ready to watch a neighbourhood being built around you, check our homes for sale in the Brighton community or contact us (link to contact information) for more info on building your dream home in the dream community.

Take a look at the Brighton community website to get a feel for just how exciting this new community will be.