Decorating your new home in Saskatoon can be a big task. Not only do you have to pick out and stage the furniture, but also tastefully add photos and artwork to the walls. Some people lack the spatial awareness to look at a wall and decipher how to hang artwork/photos. So, here are a few tips to help you decorate your home like a pro:

  • Determine the layout – A trick for gallery walls or to hang more than one piece, is to use painters tape and paper to figure out spacing and visually see what the wall or staircase will look like. It will save you having to readjust after you’ve hammered in the nails.
  • Don’t be afraid of overlap – If hanging art is too much of a hassle for you and you’d rather just put your photos on a shelf, don’t be afraid to layer them. Doing so creates depth and frees up space for other items.
  • Hang it at the right height – When hanging a single piece nothing is worse than it being too high or too low. Check out this formula to know how high to hang your photo/artwork
  • Line ‘em up – Hanging multiple pieces in a row that are different sizes can be tricky, so make sure to line up the middle of the pieces, not the top, as it will be more visually appealing

Whether you’re just moving in or redecorating the most important tip about decorating is to be creative and to trust your gut. If you’re looking for a new home that you can decorate with your creative spark, get in touch and we will help you find that perfect home.