It seems like every year a new trend or decor fad appears, and people instantly jump at the chance to update their home furnishings. If you want to have the most stylin’ house in Saskatoon, here are four decor trends we love:

  • High Contrast – Having artwork or furniture that provides an intense contrast is not only appealing to the eye but creates an illusion of depth. For example, if you have light flooring, try a dark coloured rug, or use a white framed mirror as an accent on a dark wall.
  • Brass Accents – For years the trend of brushed silver and chrome has dominated the design world because of its sleek appearance. However, many designers are beginning to opt for the warmer tones of brass and copper which create a cozier atmosphere.
  • Rich Colours – Move over pastels, the jewel tone era has arrived! A lot of trendsetters are opting for deep, rich colours to decorate their Saskatoon homes. Evidence of this trend can be found in the deep purple that is the Pantone® Colour of the Year (check out our blog to see how to use the Pantone Colour of the Year in your Home decor).
  • Bold Patterns – This trend isn’t necessarily new; however, the patterns of preference have changed. The days of geometric patterns are quickly disappearing as trendsetters are opting for bold florals, tropical patterns, and pineapple print.

So, now you know some of the 2018 trends. If you read this and thought, “these would be great if only I had a new home in Saskatoon to decorate,” we can help. We have a variety of houses and condos for sale, come and talk to us to find your dream home to decorate!