If you want your Saskatoon home to be “on-trend” and worthy of Home Living Magazine, the worst thing you could do is commit a dreaded decorating faux-pas. Here are our top five decor don’ts, avoid them and keep your home looking magazine ready.

  1. Too many throw pillows – When it takes someone two minutes to sit on the couch or five minutes to crawl into bed because they spend so much time moving throw pillows around, you know you’ve gone too far. They can be a great way to show your accent colours or incorporate a pattern, but with pillows less is more.
  2. Colour overload – Choosing the colour palette for a particular room (or your entire house) is exciting, but try sticking with a maximum of three – one main and two accents (and at least one neutral tone). Too many colours can be overwhelming and feel disorganized or chaotic.
  3. Being a cookie-cutter – Don’t be afraid of unique pieces of art or furniture that really show who you are; they will give your home a personalized touch. Garage sales and online vendors (such as Kijiji and VarageSale) are a great way to find those one of a kind pieces.
  4. Cramming in furniture – Find larger pieces (i.e. couches, dining room tables, etc.) that fit in the space you have. Trying to fit an oversized couch into a studio apartment will make everything feel cramped.
  5. Let someone dictate your decor – While all of these tips are great, at the end of the day what matters most is that you love the home you live in. Don’t let someone tell you how to decorate, trust your instincts and preferences!

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